History of the company

Founded in 1983, CEB Impianti SpA operates in the design, construction and maintenance sector of HV, MV, LV, IP power lines, overhead and underground cables; electrical and telephone systems for public and private customers; optical fiber installation / optical junctions / installation of TIM FTTH network; construction, installation and connection of photovoltaic and wind parks; supply, marketing and installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete electrical substations; cutting plants; systems for the production, transport, distribution and use of electricity, etc.

CEB Impianti SpA, thanks to the know-how acquired over years of activity, has established itself in the Italian market and is continuously growing. The company currently employs over 260 people and recorded a turnover of approximately 32 million euros in the last fiscal year.

CEB Impianti SpA has obtained recognition from the AGCM – Competition and Market Authority – of the Legality Rating (***).


We have been engaged in projects all around the country for the past 40 years, not only in the telecommunications and energy transport sectors, but also in the fields of distribution systems, railway works, and general construction.

These 40 years of experience have enabled us to successfully take on each new challenge, and have allowed us to become a qualified and specialised provider of solar park installation, operation, and maintenance services throughout Italy.

The experience that we’ve gained has made us one of Italy’s leading companies, as well as a national benchmark.

Excellence is a never-ending process, and a goal that we’re committed to pursuing every single day.

The company’s high quality standards and production processes are also evidenced by the numerous certifications we hold.

These represent a significant guarantee for all customers who place their trust in us.

We improve people’s lives by allowing energy sources and communication infrastructures to be accessed in a widespread, efficient, and sustainable manner.

We consider access to energy sources and communication systems to be a basic necessity. Our goal is to render them increasingly accessible, on a large scale.



We recognise the importance of the each of our employees’ roles, and believe in the added value that each person can bring to the company in terms of business and growth.

This is why we pay special attention to the development, training, and engagement of all our staff, and it is for this same reason that we have developed an Integrated Management System that involves all our employees, at all levels.


The aim is to ensure compliance with our core values and quality standards. This ongoing commitment permeates each and every step of the business process, and is the key to ensuring a prompt and adequate response to our customers’ needs.

Compliance with this process not only ensures the well-being of the people who make up the CEB Impianti family, but also contributes to the achievement and maintenance of our goals in terms of quality, sustainability, and safety.


The Integrated Management System has not only been designed for the in-house staff.
The suppliers that are involved and become an integral part of our work must also guarantee compliance with the standards and fundamental principles that we uphold (quality, ethics, sustainability and safety).

Close cooperation and constant dialogue with our partners are essential to maintaining high quality standards, protecting the environment, and ensuring the quality and safety of the products purchased.


In and of itself, the Integrated Management System’s existence does not guarantee virtuous behaviour and compliance with the standards we have chosen to impose upon ourselves in order to achieve maximum customer and client satisfaction.

This is why we constantly carry out inspections and monitoring activities to verify the effectiveness of the system itself.

The tools we have adopted involve the staff at all levels, as well as our suppliers, our collaborators, and, above all, our customers.

This is how we ensure compliance with our standards:

  • Internal and external audits
  • Customer feedback and customer satisfaction analyses
  • Non-conformity analyses
  • Identification of preventive or corrective actions to ensure compliance with the quality standards
  • Risk analysis and assessment in collaboration with the operational staff involved
  • Staff training, engagement and awareness-raising
  • Staff engagement in setting the goals and disseminating information at all levels

Recognised quality certifications

Quality Management System
Certification in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001- 2015 issued by KIWA CERMET ITALIA SPA;

Quality Management System
Certification in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001 – 2015 issued by KIWA CERMET ITALIA SPA;

Quality Management System
Certification in compliance with UNI
EN ISO 45001: 2018 issued by

ISO 50001:2018 Certification
issued by Staunchly Management and system service

Certificazione ISO 27001:2013 – progettazione, costruzione e manutenzione impianti di trasporto e distribuzione di energia elettrica in AT/MT/BT

Certificazione ISO 37001:2016 rilasciata da LMS certification limited
6)  la qualifica SOA per le seguenti Categoria a) OG10 – Cat. VI

Certificazione UNI ISO 55001:2015 – progettazione, costruzione e manutenzione impianti di trasporto di energia elettrica AT/MT/BT

SOA – attestazione di qualificazione alla esecuzione di lavori pubblici

Recognised certifications for production processes

Certificazione ISO 37001:2016 rilasciata da LMS certification limited

SOA qualification for the following category
a) OG10 – Cat. VI